Living Way Christian Center - Virginia has a growing variety of ministries to serve you and your family. The ministries that are up and running are designed to help become grounded in the ways of Jesus Christ. We hope you will find one of these ministries to serve and be served using your God given talents and abilities.

Small Groups

LWCC-VA is aware of the fact that connecting with other believers should not be limited to once a week Sunday morning church service.

As we grow in number, we also endeavor to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another in our communities.

Creating small groups in our communities is an effective way to fellowship with each other beyond the Sunday morning services; get to know other church family members who live in your community; participate in down to earth bible studies; and have an opportunity to grow and develop yourself by learning to lead, share, and disciple in a more authentic way.

Our weekly small group meetings are in the works. Please check back for more information about the venues and meeting times.

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