Living Way Christian Center - Virginia has a growing variety of ministries to serve you and your family. The ministries that are up and running are designed to help become grounded in the ways of Jesus Christ. We hope you will find one of these ministries to serve and be served using your God given talents and abilities.

Women's Ministry

The women of LWCC-VA are a vibrant force. They are dedicated to strengthening relationships among the women in the church as well as explore ways to connect with other women in their communities.

Our Women's Ministry has a dedicated week within the year where they host a conference gear towards empowering women. They also engage in topical bible studies focusing on the role of women in the bible, in society, and in mentoring the young ladies and new mothers in the Church.

Our women's ministry also plans "out of the box" fun activities to get to know each other better or simply take a break from the daily chores life.

For more information or go to "The Yearly Calendar of Events".

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