Our Worship Services

LWCC-VA is filled with energetic, happy faces! We firmly believe that God still inhabits the praises of His people. We know that the "right atmosphere" ushers in the presence of God and with that nobody leaves the same upon being touch by the LORD. We hunger to experience God's presence every time we gather. Our worship team understands their role and devotes themselves to make this experience possible.

Sunday Service @ 10:30 am

Our Sunday worship service is a 100 minute Service beginning at 10:30 am. It begins with a moment of prayer, which is followed by live and dynamic worship that combines a mix of Christian contemporary music, Gospel songs, and traditional hymns.

Following worship, Pastor shares a practical and encouraging lesson from God's Word, filled with natural applications for your life. Service wraps up with announcement, offering, and benediction. You'll leave feeling better, stronger and a more effective person than when you arrived.

Prayer, Healing and Deliverance Service @ 9:30 am on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Prayer, Healing, and Deliverance Service is a once a month impactful service that last about 150 minutes. This monthly service is slated for the third Saturday morning and attracts people of all faith and denominations. The caption, I believe, tells what to expect.

We allow the Holy Spirit to do His work during these services, as the move of the Spirit is confirmed with the sick being healed, bondages broken, divine directions given, and people simply busking in His Glory. The service begins at 9:30 am with a powerful session of worship and prayer, followed by a brief teaching from the Bible and testimonies to strengthen your faith.

Light brunch is served after service. Plan to attend this service, if you or anyone is sick, needs divine direction, facing any life challenges or just want to encounter Jesus.

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